Busy Time for Me!

It all happened so fast, but it has been God’s joyful surprise for me.

May 21 17 004

I’ve known John for a long time.  Our families have known each other for years.

John has been alone now for over three years, and I’ve been alone for 12 1/2 years.  We neither one had any idea that we would some day find a bond deeper than friendship.

We had both been praying about our loneliness.  And suddenly, it happened, at the close of a funeral service, of all places!  He saw me standing there alone as others were going to the social room for the bereavement meal.  I smiled at him and we greeted each other as he walked past me.  I didn’t know that he felt in his heart at that time, “This is the lady I’ve been looking for!”  He called me at the end of that week, –to tell me that the senior group at the church was going on an outing that I may not have heard about.  He called me again the next week.  And then the third week when we talked and I mentioned that I had to do some yard work, he said he would come and help me.  He came to my place to look over the work that I planned to do.  He brought tools and we worked together.  We talked and talked.  We found many areas of common interest.

It was easy to love each other!  And now, we will be married on July 16.

I am busy and serenely happy.  I don’t have as much time to write as I used to have, but that’s okay.  I’ll get back to it as we settle into our lives together.

I thank God for His joyful surprise to us.

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Ukrainian Easter Eggs



eggs and stuff 038

I’m still working on Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  I’m so happy to be able to make them.  I still have difficulty getting a good photo of the eggs, though.  This is one of this year’s eggs, a design of my own.  Sometimes I mean to copy a design I’ve seen and start to do it, but then somewhere along the way, I put my own spin on it.  What would it look like if I make lines here, or use this color combination, I ask myself.  Sometimes it works out beautifully, sometimes, it’s just an interesting egg.  It’s still a happy creation, for me.

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My Mistake!

End of August 003

I do enjoy a good laugh, especially when it’s laughing at myself. Here is what happened last evening. Now that it’s daylight longer in the evening, I can drive to church for the 6 o’clock service and get home again before dark. I don’t drive after dark.

When I park, if it’s at all possible, I chose a place where I can pull forward when I leave, –no backing up. When I went to my little red car after service, there was another car parked right in front of my car. This puzzled me, because I was sure I had parked so that I could drive forward and there was this car right in front of me. Well, I can back up, but I’d rather not.

I opened the car door and started to put my purse into the car and suddenly realized, “This is not my car!” It was a small car, the same shade of red as mine, but it was not mine! My car was a couple of cars away, and indeed, it was parked so that I could drive forward, just as I had remembered.

I don’t know whose car I had mistaken for mine, but I had a good laugh at myself as I looked carefully at the car I had mistaken for mine. It was very similar to mine, but it was a Chevy, and my car is a Toyota Yaris.

It’s not the first time that I got into another car before I realized it wasn’t my car. Will I ever do it again? Most likely! If the car is small and red, I might think it belongs to me.

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Enigma Makes Herself at Home

Enigma and tee shirt 012

Enigma, so named because she is such a puzzle to me, –where she came from, and why she needed to live on my porch, is really an outdoor cat but I brought her indoors during the weeks when the temperatures were well below freezing.  She really made herself at home here in the house.  She seems to have been trained in good house manners and was well behaved in the house. I’ll probably never know who owned her before she came to me.

When she came indoors, she loved to sit on chair seats under the dining room or kitchen table.  She could sit there quietly for hours.  Sometimes I couldn’t see her on a chair under the table.  I would try to pull a chair from under the table, to take a seat, and the chair was too heavy.  What?  Then I would find Enigma sitting on the chair seat, comfortable and happy.  She has been a real puzzle to me.

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Thinning the herd

I’ve been collecting elephant figurines for a good many years.  I have more elephants than I put on display now.  I know it is time to start downsizing.  I have started giving some of my elephants away.  I think it is better to give one or two elephants away now and then than to attempt to find a home for the bulk of my collection.  I have begun thinning the herd.

A  parade of little elephants.

A parade of little elephants.

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Comfort on the Couch

eggs and stuff 039

This is TommyCat resting on the couch in the living room.  TommyCat isn’t a feral cat but he prefers to live outdoors. I got him into the house during the time the snow was deep and the temperature was below freezing.

But when the weather was milder, he begged to go outside again, so, I gave him his freedom.  Then it got colder again, with more deep snow, and I thought he would want warmth and the comfort of the couch again, but he did not want to come indoors.

It’s hard for me to understand why he would prefer the cold and snow to the warmth and comfort of the couch, which he enjoyed when he was indoors.  I don’t understand, except that I do know the strong pull that freedom has over many of us.

TommyCat loves his freedom, but comes back to the porch, to the food bowl, a couple of times a day.

More power to you, TommyCat.  Just stay safe!

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Words Sometimes Get Tangled

Sports news this morning is about a strange thing that Michael Jordan said yesterday.  Meaning to inspire his audience, he said about the future, “The ceiling is the roof.”  What did he really mean?  We do understand what he was trying to say, but he didn’t really say what he meant.  Did you ever get your words tangled up like that?  We all, at one time or another, say something that comes out all wrong.

I’m remembering one time at the table when my son took a very immodest portion of food and I tried to impress upon him that he should take a smaller portion and then if he wanted more, to take a second helping.  I said, “A gentleman does not take his food all at once.  If he wants more, he has a second helping.  A pig takes all his food at once.”  That was a poor choice of words.  My family laughed and laughed at me.  “Grandma is a pig,” they said.  “She doesn’t take a second helping.  She only has one serving.”  I had to join the laughter.  I hadn’t really said what I had meant.

That incident took place over 30 years ago and to this day my family remembers it.  I suspect that people will remember Michael Jordan’s funny statement for a long time, but probably not for more than 30 years.

“The ceiling is the roof.”  Will it possibly become a famous saying?  It certainly has made for fun conversation.

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First Snowfall of the Winter Season

eggs and stuff 012

We got a LOT of snow in our first snowfall of the winter season.  It snowed, heavy snowfall, three days in a row.  It was well over two feet of snow by the time it let up.  This is my neighbor’s house.  The car has been cleaned off a couple of times because of getting out to get to work.




eggs and stuff 001

I hired help to get my driveway clear.  It was too much for me to do.

eggs and stuff 002

That’s my car out on the street.  The guys moved it to the street so they could get the driveway cleared completely.  They got all the snow off the car for me.

They did a very good job of snow removal.  But it didn’t stay removed.  We had a lot more snow after that.

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Vacation 123

There is something about a queenly cat on a beautiful bed quilt that says cozy to me.  This cat lived with my son and daughter-in-law some years ago.  I liked seeing the cat, whose name escapes me, it may have been Zoe, or perhaps Bambi, on their bed.  The cat didn’t seem comfortable with me looking at her, though.

I think I didn’t help her to feel cozy!

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At the Personal Care Home

new room 035

This is the corridor at the personal care home where my friend is a resident.  Last week a good many of the residents there had flu and I took the warning seriously and did not visit while flu was a threat.  It’s eased now. The residents are well again.  One of the staff members was sick yesterday, but the problem for visitors is past now.

Residents are encouraged to take their walks in this corridor, pictured above.  They are encouraged to stay active.  In this picture, Dave, a resident, is working on a jigsaw puzzle.  A jigsaw puzzle here is an ongoing attraction.

I plan to visit there again this afternoon.

May pysanky 014yard and work 042Buttons 050

Some of my friends in the Personal Care Home.

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