Rusty Likes to Ride

Rusty Likes to Ride

I have been a little concerned about Rusty recently.  He’s not been eating well and some times he looks sad.  I think he looks sad in this photo but he eagerly ran to the car and jumped in when it was time for us to go visit my friend.

Yesterday he didn’t want to eat and I realized that he was trembling.  I called the vet and she wanted me to bring him in right away, even though there were no appointments open. She would work him in when she could.  Rusty’s vet is in Erie, about 30 miles away.  She thought it was important for me to bring him right away so my friend and I did that. When I told him I would take him with me, he eagerly ran to the car and I thought that maybe he wasn’t sick after all, because he seemed perky again.

But the verdict is that he has the beginning of a heart problem.  Dr. Sue thinks it can be controlled with medication, which she has started already.  She kept him overnight, to do more tests and observe him more and I was to get him today.  However, we are wrapped in another major snow storm and Dr. Sue advised me not to try to make the trip today.  I’ll bring him home tomorrow, if the storm has abated and the roads are open.

Meanwhile, he’s eating well and already is responding to treatment.  Dr. Sue and her staff really like Rusty.  He’s a very sweet natured animal and responds lovingly to people who care for him.

What caused his heart problem?  Well, they tell me, it could be a genetic thing or it could be from malnutrition when he was young.  Bingo.  He was abused before I got him.  He was skinny as a rail, with spine and ribs showing.  He was in the pound for 38 days before my husband and I adopted him.  He was so grateful to us.  He’s been beautifully behaved.  We both delighted to give him the food and nurture that he needed after the abuse he’d been through.  Now I find that the abuse has probably caused an internal injury.  I do hope that we caught it in time and the medication and loving care he’s receiving will bring him out of this problem.

Tomorrow I should get him home again, –weather permitting.  He’ll be so happy to get back into the car with me.

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5 Responses to Rusty Likes to Ride

  1. lorraine says:

    He does look sad in the car. He may have been abused earlier in his life but now he has a good quality life and he will be taken care of. The nice thing about dogs is they don’t dwell on the past like humans sometimes tend to do, but live in the moment. I must miss his company while he is away.

  2. lorraine says:

    That last sentence should have said “you must miss his company”

  3. NJ says:

    It was really hard to have to leave him in Erie another day but the weather was so bad that I knew I had to leave him there. I know now that he was pretty sick and there was good reason for him to look sad. It wasn’t really sad, it was ill. He’s home again and resting and getting better, I hope. NJ

  4. Sally says:

    I’m glad to learn he is home again, and I know he is too! You’re very devoted to that sweet dog; I hope the meds will keep him strong and well.

  5. NJ says:

    Sally, he is doing pretty well here at home. On Thursday he was very tired and slept all day but on Friday he started showing interest in life again. He still tires easily though and then he is content to rest and sleep. Yes, we’re both glad that he’s home again. NJ

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