Jigsaw Puzzle

We finished the puzzle on Monday evening. There is one piece missing but it doesn’t show in this picture.  At first we thought there were two pieces missing but then we discovered one of them laying on the completed puzzle in the right foreground.  It blended right in and we didn’t notice it there.  We never found the other piece and we don’t know if we lost it while we were working on the puzzle or if it had been lost years ago.  It wouldn’t surprise me if we lost it.  We dropped puzzle pieces occasionally, but we thought we had discovered them each time we lost them.  However, it certainly would be possible that we dropped one and didn’t notice it.

The last quarter of the puzzle work went much faster than the beginning of it.  For a while, I thought it was because we were getting better at puzzles, but then I realized it was because there were so many fewer pieces to work with.

It gives a sense of accomplishment to complete a puzzle like this.

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