Stuff on My Dog

Rusty didn't want to move.

Rusty didn't want to move.

You may be familiar with the Internet site, Stuff on My Cat.  After I’d see that, I tried it with my dogs. At that time I had Desy and Rusty.  Neither of them would allow anything to stay on them. They would immediately shake it off.

Then one day my son and I were in the back room by the file cabinet and Rusty was with us.  Perhaps I wanted to open the lower drawer and he had stuck his head into that little space under the file cabinet and didn’t want to move.  I thought that if I put something on him, he would immediately get up and shake it off. But he didn’t.  He just stayed there and I kept piling little things on him.  Finally I realized I should get a picture of him with “stuff” on him.

Eventually he had enough and did move but I got this picture of him. And looking at it took my mind off the winter weather for a few minutes.

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2 Responses to Stuff on My Dog

  1. lorraine says:

    That is such a cute photo of Rusty. He looks like he is trying to make the filing cabinet a doggy den.

  2. NJ says:

    exactly! He did seem to be doing that. He really didn’t want to give it up. NJ

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