One day at Aquarobics, while the others were finishing work with the weights, they were doing leg exercises, I started working with the Styrofoam noodles.  I started to let myself drift in the pool with my eyes closed.  I could hear the voices at the shallow end of the pool as I drifted toward the deep end.  I felt myself turning around but I thought I was keeping my orientation because of the voices from the shallow end of the pool.

Then it was time for the group to begin their work with the noodles.  The instructor told the class to ride their noodles to the deep end of the pool and back.  As they got started riding, chatting to each other, I opened my eyes, planning to get out of their way.  To my surprise, there they were, coming toward me, from the deep end, and I thought they had just started, from the shallow end.  I thought I must have gone into a time distortion and what seemed to me like several seconds was actually a minute or more.  How could I have lost track of time like that?

Then I realized, while my eyes were closed, I had drifted around so that I was facing the shallow end.  It wasn’t a time distortion that I had experienced.  It was a space distortion.  I was really facing the shallow end, not the deep end.

What a weird feeling that had given me.  I thought I had heard the voices behind me, and it was because I had expected them to be behind me.  My orientation in my space in the pool had been turned around.

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I love to write! I realized in 9th grade that I really enjoyed writing. Every two weeks we had assigned topics that we were to use to write an essay. I liked writing the essays. I'm a mom and a grandma. None of my family live nearby, but they visit when they are able to come. I've been a pastor's wife and a grade school teacher. Now I'm retired and enjoying visiting others, and indulging myself in my hobbies, --writing and art activities. I'm very thankful for the blessings in life.
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2 Responses to Disoriented

  1. Sally says:

    I’m sorry that happened to you, Nancy. I’ve had moments like that, and it can be disturbing for that moment. (HUGS)

  2. mary lou says:

    I cant use the noodles, I get a NOODLE RASH on my arms. I just use the weights and tread water in the deep end. Cant wait until tomorrow to get back in the pool. They canceled our Friday class, so we have to go from Wed to Mon. with no pool, ARRGH

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