Visiting the School

Stones I painted to give students in the Art Club

Stones I painted to give students in the Art Club

Last week I went to school to show my Pysanky eggs and demonstrate how they are made, — to elementary art club students. It was great fun for me. There were 18 fifth and sixth grade students and they were outstanding in their good manners and good behavior.

I took a box of what I think of as “seconds”, eggs which have flaws, either in design or color or finish. These I let them handle freely, because if one of them breaks, it doesn’t matter to me. The kids were so careful with my seconds that I ended up letting them handle everything. I took several dozen of decorated eggs and nothing was broken. The students were polite and very appreciative. I had a wonderful time with them.

I like to give them something to remember me by when I go to a class like this. This time I painted small flat stones, mostly with an Easter motif. The students were very excited to choose a stone and I was so happy to be able to give them the stones. I think some of them want to paint stones now. Maybe some day I’ll go to a class and talk about and show them my painted stones.

I really enjoyed the time at school this week.

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  1. Sally says:

    Nancy: How very lovely! I’m in awe of your talent, and so glad you had a nice time with the school children. I’m sure they were very appreciative; it sounds as though they were! 🙂

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