Plants at the Cemetery

Today we went to the cemetery to check on the petunia we planted on Saturday.  You can’t see it here in the shadows but the petunia was doing okay.  The blooms from the rhododendron are spent now and dropped petals all over the ground.  It made me think of a carpet, a lovely, petal-bloom carpet.  It will be gone soon.

This is a sad place, but there is a kind of beauty here.  It’s beauty in unexpected places.  The rose-petal carpet is gone now, but it will be back next spring.

Now it’s the petunia and geraniums turn to blossom and grow.  We’ll go back often, to water and fertilize.

Before we left today, I deadheaded some geraniums and watered some plants that were in need of it.  It was too hard to walk past potted plants which needed a drink desperately and not fill their need.  It kept us a little longer, but it was satisfying to slake the thirst of the pretty little dahlias that were so dry.

Next time, I plan to take clippers to make deadheading a lot easier.

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