Wood Carvings

Scott Dow carves animals from big chunks of tree trunks.

Scott Dow carves animals from big chunks of tree trunks.

Scott Dow, who carves animals from hefty chunks of tree trunks, displayed his art on Memorial Day at Miracle Mountain Ranch.  These carvings fascinated me.  Scott uses a chain saw to carve out an animal, and then uses a torch to singe the wood, which gives it a tan or brown color.  I especially like the howling wolf.  My son was drawn to the little fox.  I say “little” but it was just little in comparison to the wolf.  I’m sure I couldn’t have lifted that fox.  Scott said that the fact that his carvings are so heavy enables an owner to use them as lawn ornaments without too much concern that they will be stolen.

Later, I saw Scott working at carving a bear out of a huge tree trunk.  He had sculpted a miniature bear to use as a model and kept referring to it as he worked his art.  Scott told me that he is a graduate of the art program at Edinboro University.  I really like his work.

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