Rusty After Surgery

This is a picture of Rusty on August 5, the day we brought him home from the pet hospital.  He had an enlarged lymph node in his neck and it was growing larger.  It had to be taken out.  His surgery was August 3 and he stayed at the hospital two nights.  He came through the surgery just fine.

In this picture, he is wearing the bandage that they devised for him at the pet hospital.  It turned out to be something like a small undershirt with the shoulder straps cut off, folded double lengthwise and holes cut out for the ears.  It was taped to his head with surgical tape wrapped around and around about 8 times.  When I had to change his bandage, I discovered that it wasn’t easy to put a new one on him.  I could not, even with help, get him neatly bandaged up like this.

On Friday, August 7, they took the drains out and he didn’t have to have the area bandaged any more.  He is doing fine now, and this morning he took the long walk with me.  He was ready to turn back before I was and I let him make the decision because he seems to know how much he can exercise.

The biopsy showed that the problem seems to stem from a rose fungus that he had a reaction to.  It’s bizarre kind of affliction, — that it would settle in a lymph node and cause it be become enlarged. There had been some speculation that it might be cancer.  Thank God that it wasn’t that.

I have one rose bush and a few time this summer I had tethered him to a stake in the ground beside that bush.   I won’t put him there again.  I may even cut that bush down.  It’s not all that pretty any way.  It started out as a pretty yellow rose and suddenly turned into a wild red rose.  Apparently the yellow rose was grafted onto a wild rose root and one winter, the yellow rose died, but the red rose root lived.

I think that Rusty looks kind of cute in his bandage helmet but I couldn’t make him look cute in the one I put on him.  He is really happy to have the bandage off now, and really, so am I.

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  1. Sally says:

    Oh goodness, I’m glad Rusty is going to be okay. I’ve never heard of this, Nancy!

    Take care; have a blessed Sunday!

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