Morning Walk

Dog Watching Us from His Hang Out

Dog Watching Us from His Hang Out

Every day on our morning walk to the high school and back, Rusty and I pass this dog, tied out on this porch.  Some days he gets excited and barks at us, but he’s getting so that he’s pretty much used to us as regulars.  He is always there.  I can see him curled up on the porch as I approach.  He doesn’t have a bed or anything that I can see to ease his time tied to the porch.  At first when we walked and he barked a woman’s voice snarled at him to shut up, but lately he doesn’t bark that long and the woman hasn’t been yelling.  Once she yelled at me not to talk to him, and after that, I haven’t heard her yell at us any more.
Rusty is very aware of where this dog lives and he looks for him as we approach the house.  This morning I took his picture from across the street.  He stood up to watch us, very interested.  He didn’t bark this morning, but both Rusty and he were aware of each other.
I hope this dog has a place indoors when the weather gets bad. Already it’s been very cool over night and I think he ought to have a bit of shelter and an old blanket to cuddle up in if he has to be outdoors.  He’s a good looking dog.

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