Rusty Makes His Wants Known

This is Rusty in the car, ready to enjoy a ride, but this post isn’t about Rusty in the car.  I don’t have a picture of Rusty on our morning walk, but this picture shows something of how alert Rusty is and I think his intelligence shows, too.  This post is about Rusty letting me know what he wants.

For most of the time that I have been taking Rusty on a long walk, we have gone west on Pleasant Street to the high school, then we walked around the school and down to South Street and returned to our home that way.  But in the last month, I’ve been walking him to the high school and then back home the way we came, on Pleasant Street.

On Thursday, he absolutely insisted that he wanted to walk down to South Street and go home along that route.  At first I intended to stick with my plan but then I realized that he really wanted to go home the old way, and what difference did that really make to me?  So we walked home on the old route.

This morning, he did it again, –when we left the high school, he headed to South Street, without any resistance from me.  He knows and remembers well where we cross the street, the vacant lot filled with tall grass and weeds, which he loves to walk through and sniff the tantalizing odors, and where we return to the other side of the street again.

I would expect a young child to let me know that he had a preference as to where we would walk, but it really surprised me to discover that Rusty has a definite preference and he let me know about it.  I like knowing this.

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2 Responses to Rusty Makes His Wants Known

  1. Sally says:

    Rusty is a smart dog, for sure!! Seeing him in the car reminds me of my daughter’s dog that I kept for a while, when he got in the car, he immediately hopped into my great-granddaughter’s carseat. Of course, that’s when she isn’t in it! hahaha

  2. NJ says:

    I think it’s neat when a dog enjoys going for a ride in the car. It’s usually fun to have them along with you. NJ

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