The Rocking Chair

Just a few days ago I moved my old rocking chair from a place where it’s inconvenient for me to sit when I have a few minutes to a light, airy place in my new sun room. Now it really is a good place to relax and perhaps read the newspaper or a book.

Moving the old rocking chair sparked memories. It was 1959 and my husband and I had just become parents of our first baby. She was a beautiful baby and we were both thrilled to have her. We wanted to be the best parents ever. When she got her days and nights mixed up and slept all day and stayed awake all night and wanted to be held, it became apparent that we really needed a rocking chair for my comfort and hers. He went to a second hand store and bought this rocking chair.

These are things I thought I would remember forever but now I discover that the specifics are fuzzy. How much did it cost? I can’t remember! But, it was just a couple of dollars if it was that much. My mind says it was a quarter, but then I think, “No, it had to be a little more than that.” It was not in very good condition, and here’s something else I can’t remember. The caned reed bottom was broken, but did he buy it with a wooden board nailed over the broken bottom, or did he put the wooden panel over the broken place? I don’t know, but for years I used the rocking chair with the wooden panel tacked over the broken reed caning. I spent many hours that first year rocking my baby in that chair. I painted it a bright cheerful pink color and decorated it a bit and I rocked a lot.

We had three more babies and I rocked them all in that rocker. I got tired of that pink color and painted it more conservatively. And then I learned to do caning! I took the wooden seat off of it and put a proper caned seat into it. I really felt proud of myself when I learned to cane and repaired my rocking chair like that.

It’s been years since I rocked babies in that rocker but I still have a real fondness for it, because of the memories of rocking my little ones, and the satisfaction I felt in learning how to repair the seat.

I think I’ve found a very good place for my old rocking chair and I intend to relax and enjoy rocking in its new location.

We brought this rocking chair home in 1959.

We brought this rocking chair home in 1959.

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5 Responses to The Rocking Chair

  1. Sally says:

    What a lovely story, Nancy. The chair looks beautiful there in its new spot. I hope you had a good Christmas, and Happy New Year to you. ((hugs))

  2. NJ says:

    My Christmas celebration was calm and peaceful. It was fine. Thanks for your comments about the rocking chair. NJ

  3. Lorraine says:

    I enjoyed the story as well. It is really a pretty chair.

  4. mary lou says:

    I too have an old rocker. My Mom found it in an old barn when she was pregnant with me. I have it now, but the fiddle back broke from years of kid abuse, The seat is solid Maple as are the rockers. They are all solid, but I need to have the back repaired. GOnna be spendy I am afraid!

    I Love your Sun room! Need to move your Crown of thorns into that space!

  5. Dody says:

    It’s a very nice rocker, Nancy! Is your new sunroom upstairs? It looks wonderful!

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