An Afternoon at the Beach in Erie

This is a scene from Beach 8 at Presque Isle (the Peninsula) in Erie, PA. It was a very hot day and going to the beach was a refreshing way to deal with heat and cool off a little. Our time at the beach turned out to be the break that we needed. The water felt bracing and cool, –very welcome to us.

I love to watch the sea gulls. I learned a song about them when I was teaching third grade. The song says they are “bold as can be.” They are! That’s part of the fun. It ends, “They scold and they chatter and make mournful cries.” That rings true, too.

It’s fun to watch the other people at the beach. Some of them go to relax in the sun and get a deeper tan. That’s hard to understand in this time when there is so much awareness about the harm that is done by lengthy exposure to the sun’s rays. Others read or hang out with friends, but most people spend a lot of time cooling off in the water.

Before we came home, we had dinner at a restaurant in Erie. Then we were fed and relaxed and ready to call it a day.

An afternoon at a beach at Presque Isle is great summer fun.

Cooling off at the beach

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2 Responses to An Afternoon at the Beach in Erie

  1. Sally says:

    So glad you had such a nice, relaxing day!!

  2. NJ says:

    Thanks, Sally. I only get to the beach once a year now, and I do enjoy when I can get there. NJ

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