Tomato Season

As I sliced a tomato for my sandwich this noon, I had a flash back to my days at home when we had a garden and this was the time of the year for our home grown tomatoes. Quite often I was assigned the task to slice tomatoes for the table. A plate of sliced tomatoes rounded out the usual staples on the table–bread, butter, salt and pepper.

Mom and I canned quarts and quarts of tomatoes in tomato season each year, but we never got too much of the fresh, sliced tomatoes that accompanied our meals.

As I ate my sandwich and tomato juice dripped on my hand, I remembered my grandfather saying, “Another name for tomatoes is Seeds and Water.” I understand why.

I only plant several tomato plants and haven’t had a surplus of tomatoes for many years. Not canning any more. No usual plate of sliced tomatoes accompanying the food on the table for dinner and supper. I hadn’t even thought about that for a long time now. That was good eating.

The sandwich was delicious, made more so by the memory of our summers with sliced tomatoes years ago that accompanied it.

Remembering tomato seasons in the past

Tomato Season

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