Snowed In

Snowed in

It started snowing on December 5. I parked my car in the garage that afternoon and I haven’t moved it since. We have had snow on snow. Our town is having trouble clearing the snow away from the roads. It came so fast, and there is so much, that the road workers are running out of places to put it.

Today we had a break! The sun broke through and it stopped snowing. I was able to get this afternoon. Many of our town was out shopping today. There was a lot of traffic. The streets are narrow now because of the snow build up on each side of the road but everyone took it easy and drove politely. We’re so happy to be able to get out again.

People in grocery stores were stocking up for what’s going to be next, and they were eager to tell me, —“It’s going to start snowing again come Sunday and we’ll get more of the same until Wednesday!” I thought they were joking, but it turns out that the weather forecast has been giving this information.

What a lot of snow we have this December!

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