Koco in her Chair

Koco must have felt a bit cold.

Koco is a boxer mix. She does not have a heavy coat of fur. The good part about that is that she doesn’t shed. The bad part is that if the weather is cold, she feels the cold more.

I really didn’t want to let Koco sit on my living room furniture but because of her thin fur, and her persistence, I decided to let her sit on one specific chair. I covered the chair with the blanket, to protect the chair.

On a cold late winter day I went into the living room and found Koco in the chair she was allowed to sit in. She had pulled the blanket away from the chair, from the way I had arranged it, and tried to cover herself with it.

Now I have a sweater for her. Now when she feels cold in the house, I can have her wear her sweater.

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