Weather and Daffodils

It snows three times on the daffodils.

Weather has been very different this year, strange even. In our area, spring always comes very late and we always had a St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm. But last year, though it was still cold, there was no storm and no snow at that time. This year the weather was balmy and warm on St. Patrick’s Day, and not only that, it was almost like summer for three weeks.

That is so unnatural for us. We knew it couldn’t last, cold weather had to come again. We know that before spring really settles in to head for summer, it has to snow three times on the daffodils.

This week the cold weather returned. One morning we woke up to a fluffy blanket of snow on everything. It was gone before evening, but the cooler weather has lingered on.

Now I’m wondering, this year, will we have two more snows on the daffodils? The daffodil flowers will soon be spent. I wonder if it counts if the snow is just on the leaves of the plant after the flowering is finished.

We still have plenty of time for snow. We can have snow even at the end of May. It wouldn’t be deep snow at that time, maybe just lazy, fat flakes floating down and melting. But it’s snow, and we can’t plant annuals until the beginning of June because it’s a gamble as to whether frost will kill them.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the daffodils and their cheery, sunny, splash of color. I’m glad that I have daffodils in my yard.

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