Farmer’s Market

Buying pokey brownies at the farmer’s market

Summer went by really fast this year. Actually it goes past really fast every year but that’s not the real point I want to make right now. It’s just that summer is past, but I have things to remind me of the glories of summer. One of them is my memories of the Farmer’s Market at the park in our town.

One of my friends was selling “Pokey Brownies” and I bought half a dozen from her a couple of times. She makes them by poking holes in the brownies and pouring a rich chocolate frosting over them. The frosting settles down into the holes and distributes frosting through the brownie. Trust me, her brownies are delicious.

Another thing I bought at the market was a quart of honey from a local beekeeper. It will last a long time and while it’s there on the cupboard shelf, I’ll be reminded of summer, and busy bees gathering nectar among my own flowers.

Another summer memory is that it was unseemly hot this year, and that’s not really a pleasant memory. The plants often had to be watered twice a day because the burning heat evaporated the water.

Now I’m ready to begin gathering fall memories. I’ll be hoping to find some great cooking/eating apples at the outdoor market soon.

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