Neighborhood Watch

Koco checks out the neighborhood.

Koco checks out the neighborhood.

I didn’t like the idea of Koco being on the furniture but Koco is really good about making me understand what she wants and she let me know that with her limited fur, she felt too cold on the floor.  So I had to relent.  I covered one of the chairs with an old sheet and it has become her chair.

It’s funny to watch Koco when someone visits and sits in her chair.  She sits there, looking at the person, and whines and whimpers.  She really knows it’s her chair.  We laugh at her when she does this, but she persists.  She has a lot of determination.

She can cuddle down in the chair and feel warm.  She often snoozes there, all curled up.  But the picture shows another of her favorite stances.  From this position, she can look out and watch vehicle and foot traffic and she can alert me to such indignities as the mailman or the paper boy coming, or the garbage man picking up our trash!  She never gets tired of making these announcements, –but I do get tired of hearing them.

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