The Old School House

A one room school from long ago.

A one room school from long ago.

When my friends and I were on an excursion to find a rural community with the name Gilson Ridge, we drove past this abandoned one room school house.  It looks like it won’t be around long to remind passersby of what education was like many years ago.  My friend is now 86 and she told us that went to a one room school house for the first eight grades.  After that, she went to another school for high school years.  She has fond memories of those days.  She learned so much and retained the lessons because she heard them repeated over and over as each class had a turn at having their own lesson time.

I look at this picture and I think how nice it would be if someone had the funds to fix this building up.  Perhaps it could become a museum, or maybe better, a meeting place for community get togethers.  But that might not work out well.  Communities don’t get together to celebrate events as they used to when this school house was new.

So, there it stands, a skeleton of its happier days when children studied and learned and laughed and played in an around it.  Was it really a happier time?

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