Afternoon Interlude

Koco and Marlin at Mead Park

Koco and Marlin at Mead Park

When my son visited last month, before he headed home again, he suggested that we pick up a sub and take it to the park to eat, and take Koco along with us, to have a little excursion away from home.  It was such a welcome break for me.  It’s the kind of thing my husband and I used to do now and then.  I don’t do that by myself, though I wonder if should push myself to do it.

We had such a nice time.  Koco enjoyed it so much.  She picked up so many intriguing scents.  We heard chipmunks  with their distinctive chirp but it meant nothing to Koco, –until she saw one and heard its sound as it scampered away. Then she knew what those sounds were.  Marlin showed her a chipmunk hole then and she was really excited to dig and explore.

We had such fun that day.  I do wish I could get her out like that more often, but I am reluctant to try it because she gets so excited some times and she’s a handful for me when she is excited.

It was such a nice excursion!  We’ll do it again some time when he is visiting.

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