Take a Taste

Cherry tart cookies cooling.

Cherry tart cookies cooling.

Tasting: While I was mixing up the cookie dough this morning, I was thinking about tasting. When I make cookies, I always like to take tastes. When I was a young teen, sometimes when I had an opportunity to be home alone, I would taste the various flavorings and spices that Mom had. Now I like to taste a smidgeon of the coconut, a cluster of craisins, and of course I want a little pile of chocolate chips (if I’m putting chocolate chips in the cookies) . But today as I poured a teaspoon of vanilla, I suddenly recalled my mom measuring out a teaspoon of medicine for me. Pouring it carefully so it wouldn’t spill she would hold it out to put it into my mouth. Many of the medicines that I had to take like that had a very unpleasant taste. This morning as the memory flashed into my mind, the thought that followed was, “cough medicine, cherry flavored,” –or something good. Though I know some medicines were really vile tasting, my mind grabs onto the pleasant flavor. That is good. The Psalmist said, “O taste and see that the Lord is good!” There is never a bad taste there. It’s always good!


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I love to write! I realized in 9th grade that I really enjoyed writing. Every two weeks we had assigned topics that we were to use to write an essay. I liked writing the essays. I'm a mom and a grandma. None of my family live nearby, but they visit when they are able to come. I've been a pastor's wife and a grade school teacher. Now I'm retired and enjoying visiting others, and indulging myself in my hobbies, --writing and art activities. I'm very thankful for the blessings in life.
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