Early Winter Flowers

Flowering Kale

The flowering kale is pretty all summer long but I think it reaches its peak of attractiveness in early winter.  These two plants are growing in a half barrel at the front of my house.  When it  has rained, the water drops nestle into the curly leaves of the plant and sparkle like diamonds. They even look like cut diamonds and I love to see them like that.

If the flowering kale can make it through the winter, in the spring it will send up a flower stem, but it does not flower until the second  year.  Last year when the flowering kale in this planter reached its peak of beauty, a deer came along and ate it.  I was disappointed but I know that all creatures need to eat.  The long winter would have killed the plant’s beauty any way and this way, a wild creature enjoyed several tasty bites before it went on its way.

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4 Responses to Early Winter Flowers

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think your new blog looks like a winner, Nancy! The kale is beautiful. I hope it survives this winter that promises a lot of snow.

  2. NJ says:

    I’m so happy that you visited here, Elizabeth. Thanks for your comment. Every once in a while the kale does survive winter, but I had kale for a good number of years before one did. Then I realized that it really does flower, but it only flowers the second year. They had only lived one year before that. What a surprise. NJ

  3. Marina Shemesh says:

    Can I have permission to use your photo of the flowering kale in a biology lesson?

  4. NJ says:

    Yes, you have my permission to use the photo of the flowering kale. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nancy

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