Pink Violets

This violet is living in a glass of water.

This violet is living in a glass of water.

Some time ago, probably last summer, I decided that I really had to repot my pink violet or lose it. It had grown into two beautiful plants and the pot was very crowded. I put if off as long as I could because I’ve sometimes killed violets when I tried to repot them. They put up with a lot of loving neglect from me, but handling them when I’m repotting them is something that they really have trouble with. I really like this pink violet and didn’t want to harm it.

Two beautiful violets growing together! I discovered that they were growing on one stem. Maybe I could slice one off and reroot it and let the other one live in the pot alone. But when I used the knife, as carefully as I could, they were so “together” that the knife sliced them both from the supporting root. There was very little stem. I thought I’d killed them both, but I decided that I should get that little bit of stem that was on them into water and see if maybe I could reroot them

I was delighted to see that they both took the water nicely and grew long, white roots. Finally the roots seemed so sturdy that I thought I could give them a chance to get established in soil. I got out the African Violet soil and the new flower pots and got started, and then I discovered that the violets, both of them, had started to put out little flower buds. I didn’t want to take a chance on killing them when they were going to bloom. So I put the potting soil away and let them remain in water, as they were. They both blossomed beautifully. The blooms are double, –very frilly.

I really enjoy seeing these violets blooming in water. They drink water at a surprising rate. Every couple of days, the water in their glasses is down an inch or two and has to be replenished. That’s something I had never realized about them with their roots firmly planted in soil.

I think these two violets have a handicap, because their roots aren’t in water, but I’m amazed at how well they have overcome their handicap. Their roots are planted in water and they are thriving on what they really need.

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