It is remarkable how fast weather can change and become really nasty.  That makes it hard to predict what it’s going to do.  This morning I was hearing that we will have rain this afternoon.  Rain?  Rain on the ice that we still have?  That will make for bad driving conditions.

But about 12:30, the sky darkened, and it was like snow-laden clouds just split open and feathered snowflakes down over us.  Within 20 minutes, the roads were covered with snow and very slippery.  I know because I decided that I’d better drive to the post office to mail a bill payment,—-instead of walking.  The roads were already slippery.

I’m glad to be back home and the payment is mailed.  I’m glad I pushed myself to get it mailed.  I just wish that I been able to push myself to walk to the post office.  It’s less than 3,000 steps.  But the bad weather made all the difference.

If it actually does rain later this afternoon, what a problem it will make for drivers.  With weather, we can listen to forecasts and watch TV announcements, but in the end, we have to wait and see what really happens.

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