Mom’s Perfume

I was thinking about my mom, —which I do every day anyway, but I was thinking about products she used that we don’t use now, or don’t use much.  I think it could make another Talking Points article for our local newspaper.  One item that I thought of was the perfume she used.  There was one perfume which she liked a lot and didn’t use any other.  I even bought her a bottle of it once.  But I couldn’t remember the name.  How could I forget the name of it?  I remembered that it was a name which I would never associate as a choice my mom would make, but it was just perfume, not a choice of life.  What was that name?  So, I went to Google, –something I must do ever day because it’s so easy, usually to find answers to things like that which I’ve forgotten.  This wasn’t as easy to find as some things I look up.  “Bird that walks upside down on trees,” brought me the answer instantly when I searched for it.  “But perfumes from years ago” didn’t bring me a quick, easy answer.  But I didn’t give up.  I think I got to page four or possible five, of Google suggestions, before I found the name that I recognized instantly.  Tabu!  I don’t remember the smell of it.  I haven’t thought of it for years, –obviously.  I felt triumphant when I found the answer.

Last night I spent some time with our jigsaw puzzle group, after not spending time together for almost a month.  It was good to get together again.  We declined to work on a jigsaw puzzle or watch  a movie.  Rene and I just wanted to sit and talk with them.  And that was best.  In the course of our conversation, I asked them if their mothers had a favorite perfume.  Genevieve said her mom sold Avon so she always had perfumes, but she didn’t remember any names nor if her mom had a favorite.  Edia told me about his wife, Carolyn’s favorite perfume, Chanel No. 5, and how expensive it was but he always tried to make sure she had it on hand.  He liked the smell of it, too.  He said that years ago he used a men’s cologne that he really liked.  He couldn’t remember the name of it, but he really liked that fragrance.

I don’t remember what he said about his mother.  Maybe it will come back to me later.  I usually remember things like that.  Gen didn’t have a favorite.  Rene’s mom, and Rosemary and Peg didn’t wear perfume, —not that he remembered.

I thought it made a good conversation.  I was surprised at how much this topic prompted Edia to tell us about fragrances he liked.

So, now I’m wondering, what do you remember about your mom’s perfume preference?  Or your own?  I hope you’ll tell me about it.  I find it to be an interesting subject.

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