Party Time

Winter Storms

Since we live in the snow belt, most of us are relatively used to snow and winter storms.  Last Friday was the Christmas Party for those of us who attend the Senior Center. So many people had signed up to go to it that it had to be held in a larger facility.

This party had been planned since before Thanksgiving.  The day of the party found us in the midst of a winter storm with really nasty weather.  For some reason, a school delay wasn’t called, though it probably should have been.  The weather was so bad that school was dismissed at 12:20.  Our party was supposed to run from 10-noon.  Did the bad weather put a damper on the senior party?  Not much!  There were some who couldn’t make it because of the weather, but I think that at least three fourths of those who had signed up were able to attend.

We had a three piece band who played lively music for us.  There were lots of gifts and prizes and a contest for decorated Christmas trees, four of which were given away.  Dolly decorated the winning tree and she used a lot of her little porcelain doll figures to make a very appealing tree.  And there was a fabulous meal.  We really didn’t want to miss this party.

If the party had been held at 7 PM and the weather was what it was, we seniors wouldn’t have attended it in droves as we did.  We can brave the snow and cold and bad weather in day time easier than we can face it at night.  The parking lot was pretty full when the party got under way.  We did enjoy our party.

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2 Responses to Party Time

  1. Sally says:

    I’m so glad you were able to go and have such a great time!! 🙂

  2. NJ says:

    Thanks, Sally. It was a good time. NJ

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