Koco’s Favorite Place

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Koco is my five year old Boxer.  She really knows her own mind!  She is very intelligent and can usually find a way to let me know exactly what she wants.  I was never one for letting the dog up on the furniture, but Koco had her own ideas.  To be fair, –to both Koco and to me–, Koco has a thin coat of fur and she feels the cold.  Koco came to live with me when she was two, and it was December.  She was cold in my house.  She whimpered and complained about the cold.  It’s colder on the floor than it is up off the floor.  She couldn’t wear a sweater full time, because her skin is sensitive and the sweater would rub and chafe her .  I had to let her get up on the chair where it is warmer for her.

She did learn that there is one chair for her and she should stay off the other chairs.  However, when my friend visits, he likes for her to sit on the couch with him.  Koco has learned that she may sit on the couch when there is someone there who invites her to sit with them, but not otherwise.

Koco likes to stand up in her chair and look out the window, keeping watch on all that is around her.  She lets me know when the mail carrier and the paper carrier come to my house.  She lets me know when the garbage truck stops to pick up our trash.  She seems to think the man is taking something that belongs to us and he has no right to take it.  She tells me about children going to school, or coming home from school, or people walking their dogs.  Sometimes I think that her middle name should be Barker.  Sometimes her barking is annoying, but there are times when I appreciate that she notifies me about something going on outside my door.

When she isn’t curled up sleeping, Koco looks very noble sitting in her favorite place, in her chair.

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