New Pet?

New Pet?

This is Enigma Graypaws.  She has adopted me.  I’ve been feeding my neighbor’s cat but that’s another story.  Suffice it to say that I really hate for an animal to be hungry.  If I can take care of the problem, I want to do it.  So, I was feeding one cat.  I would go outside and call, “Kitty, Kitty,” and Cat, who was afraid of me at first, eventually realized she could come when I called and there would be food and no questions asked and no demands on her time or her life.

And then one day when I called, this kitty came, too.  She looks very much like Cat, but Cat has white paws and a little black mark on her nose.  I decided to name her Enigma Graypaws because it’s such a mystery to me where she came from and why she has decided to be my pet, and because her paws are gray, that is part of my name for her.  She has occasionally stayed away for a day, but she doesn’t do that often.  She is there on my porch the first thing in the morning, and in late afternoon, and she has a hearty appetite with her.

Unlike Cat, Enigma was never really afraid of me.  She rubs against my legs and walks in front of my feet as I walk through the yard.  She is not afraid of Koco, my dog.  She sleeps on my mail table.  I put a cardboard box on the porch with a couple of old towels in it because I understand that cats like to get into boxes.  She often sleeps in the box.  She does not want to come into my house.  She is content to hang out at the porch and walk somewhere by her wild lone (Rudyard Kipling) at times.  She is an enigma to me.  She is a very nice cat, though.

I wasn’t looking for a pet cat, but since she adopted me, I’ve come to enjoy her presence on my porch, but I do wonder what happened to her other family and if they are wondering where she goes when she isn’t with them.  She is obviously used to having loving people around her.

For now, she is my Enigma.

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