Long Time Friends

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This is Paul and Rene talking together, as good friends do.  They are standing outside Paul’s home. (Not the little shed in the second picture.  I like the placement of the chairs and I would enjoy relaxing there some afternoon.)  It is a peaceful, rural setting.

Paul loves to talk about the way life led him to this farm area, about his field of oats, and the many Indian artifacts he has found in his land.

Paul wishes that he had studied anthropology instead of agriculture when he was a student at Penn State.  But his education in agriculture really did serve him well.

Rene was raised in a farm setting which taught him many things that have been useful for life.  But his path in life took him to a factory job and urban life.

They both have many things to talk about, including their long time friendship and the memories they have built because of it.

Good friends.

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I love to write! I realized in 9th grade that I really enjoyed writing. Every two weeks we had assigned topics that we were to use to write an essay. I liked writing the essays. I'm a mom and a grandma. None of my family live nearby, but they visit when they are able to come. I've been a pastor's wife and a grade school teacher. Now I'm retired and enjoying visiting others, and indulging myself in my hobbies, --writing and art activities. I'm very thankful for the blessings in life.
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2 Responses to Long Time Friends

  1. Linda P. says:

    I wanted to study anthropology when I was young, too. I wanted to be like Margaret Mead. However, the university I attended–near enough for me to live at home that first year and pay for everything else with my scholarship–didn’t have a degree program in anthropology. It did have one in physics and I liked the sciences, so that’s the route I took instead. Before completing that degree, I switched to English with a minor in Spanish, but that wasn’t entirely due to an inability to make up my mind. I had married after my first year in college, and my husband and I moved around a lot, first to put him through law school and then as he took a new job. Not all the places we lived had physics programs, and, when we did live in a place that offered a physics program, I was too busy working to support us while he finished school. Then children happily came along. There were a lot of years between beginning college and finishing it, and I had begun selling short stories and young-adult novels by then. You just never know where life will take you, do you? It’s all good. It’s all gone into making me the person I am today, but I feel a little wistful remembering how I wanted to be an anthropologist.

  2. NJ says:

    Hi, Linda P! Life does lead us into experiences we wouldn’t ever expect to happen. I liked reading about your path. Physics is something I couldn’t wrap my mind around. I admire that you could.

    I hope you’ll visit here again, and tell me more about your interests.
    Nancy (NJ)

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