Flowering Kale

summertime July 031

A cabbage worm, actually two of them, feasted on my flowering kale which is in a planter in my side yard.  This destruction happened overnight.  It was fine the day before and then in the morning, this!  There were two short, fat, green worms on the kale.  I checked it out on Google and discovered that the worms were really caterpillars known as cabbage worms.  When I saw the worms, I overcame my squeamishness and picked up each worm and tossed them away, toward the sidewalk.  Since then, the kale is trying to make a comeback but it’s slow going for them.

summertime July 036

This picture shows a healthy flowering kale plant.  The picture was taken the same morning as I took the picture of the kale that the cabbage worm feasted on.  This planter is near my driveway, some distance from the other planter.

There was one worm on this healthy, thriving plant but it hadn’t begun to feast.  I got it off the plant immediately.  I’ve checked the plants every morning since that day.  I haven’t seen any more cabbage worms.

I’m glad I don’t have a whole field of cabbage!  Those hungry caterpillars would be hard to control, and I’m not one for pesticides.  The caterpillars come from little white butterflies.  I still see little white butterflies flitting around my flowers, and that makes me check the flowering kale every morning and sometimes several more times during the day.  The butterflies seem harmless but their caterpillar babies are very hungry!

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