RustyTried to Sneak a Nap

Rusty on the bottom bunk bed

Rusty on the bottom bunk bed

Before Rusty came to live with us, he had lived all his life outdoors.  He had been neglected and abused.  He had no idea of what it’s like to live in a house with people, but when he came to us, he learned the rules of the house almost immediately.  He is very intelligent and learning comes easy to him.

He quickly adapted to how things are done while living in the house.  He once jumped over the couch, when I had it perpendicular to the wall.  I saw him do it and did the Mama Dog yell at him and he never did it again.  He knows the furniture is off limits to him and for the most part, he obeys that rule.

Exceptions to the rule, for him, are when I’m not right in the room with him and he hears a dog walking in front of our house.  He’ll jump up on the couch to bark at the dog and quickly jump off it when I come running to reprimand him.  The second exception is the one in this photo.  There are bunk beds in the room that we go through to get to the study which is on the other side of the room.  I seldom go into those rooms, so, clever Rusty decided that it would be okay for him to take naps on that comfy, warm, bottom bunk. I took this picture before I told him he had to get off the bed.

I wished I could let him have that for his bed, to keep him out of a draft, protect his joints from arthritis in his old age, and pamper him.  But I know it would ruin the bed after a while and I need that bed to be in good shape when family comes home to visit.  I’ve found an easy way to keep him off the bed though.  I put boxes on it and when family comes to visit and it’s bedtime, the boxes are easily set aside.

Rusty does have his own bed, though, on the floor in my bedroom.  Two old couch cushions with an old wool blanket give him a warm, comfy bed of his own.

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5 Responses to RustyTried to Sneak a Nap

  1. lorraine says:

    Walmart has some very reasonable priced dog beds. I purchased beds for my dogs with removable covers for easy cleaning.

  2. NJ says:

    Hi, Lorraine. Rusty does have a comfy bed, –those old couch cushions. I should take a picture of that some day. He is enticed by that bottom bunk bed, though. Since I don’t use that room personally, he thought he could get away with sneaking a nap there, and he did, until I caught on to what he was doing. Thanks for your suggestion. NJ

  3. Sally says:

    Animals are really smart. I’ve been keeping my daughter’s weiner dog, Hopper, and he does the same thing if I’m not looking. I feel so sorry for him right now, though, he really misses Patti. Maybe before too long he can go home.

  4. NJ says:

    Hopper is probably doing fine with you though he does miss his owner. They do get attached to us.


  5. lorraine says:

    Nancy, My dogs try to get on the couch late at night. If we go out to the family room in the middle of the night we will see both or at least one of them jumping off the couch because we caught them in the act!

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