My Enigma Kitty

Nov. 15 Alice's room 033

Enigma again, –well, Enigma still!  I don’t know where she came from but she chose to live on my porch because I was feeding a hungry cat there and she was hungry, too.  The other cat comes and goes, but Enigma stays on my porch, or in my driveway, or on the potting table in the driveway.  Here she is in what seems to be a favorite place for her, on the mail table.

Remember that plastic rug/mat I was trying to crochet from old plastic bags?  It was ruffled and odd looking and I knew it couldn’t be a good mat.  Then I got the idea to enclose it in a plastic bag cover and put it into an old plant tray that I got from a plant nursery.  Now it is used for a kind of nest for Enigma on the mail table that she enjoys so much.  She seems to like this little nest.

The other day she seemed to want to come into my house.  This is new.  She’s never wanted to be in my house.  I let her come in, though it did surprise me.  But when I started to close the door, she bolted, and ran like a streak back to the “safety” of the familiar porch.

It’s going to be very cold soon.  I’m trying to provide some means of shelter for her where she can find refuge from the cold.  Maybe when it’s really cold, she will decide to find warmth indoors with me.

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