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This is TommyCat.  He adopted me.  He really is an outdoor cat but he was very hungry and I put a bowl of food for him on the porch.  At first he was very wary of me, but little by little, he got used to me and stopped being afraid.  He did not want to come indoors.  I was satisfied with that.  I liked feeding him, and I liked that he took care of himself.

Then came the extreme cold in February.  The other cat that adopted me, Enigma, willingly came indoors out of the cold.  As the temperature dropped, TommyCat start sitting near my door and looking longingly toward the door.  I didn’t want him outside in the bitter cold.  He finally let me bring him indoors.  He settled indoors as though he loved it and seemed to feel very much at home here.

At first he hid behind the big chair by the window, but he got over that and often went inside the dog’s kennel to rest and relax.  Koco almost never goes into her kennel any more, –only when she knows that she has been bad, –like when she was eating the cats’ food and I scolded her.  She went into her kennel, her place of safety but she never minded when TommyCat went into her kennel to sleep.

TommyCat also liked to perch on the back of the big chair by the window, Koco’s chair.  One day when he was sitting up there, Koco wanted to sit in her chair, but there was TommyCat on the back of the chair.  Koco came to me and asked me to make the cat give her the chair, but I just laughed and told her she could still sit in her chair. She never sits up on the back of the chair and TommyCat wasn’t going to hinder her from sitting there.  But Koco waited and after a while, TommyCat was satisfied that he’d sat on the chair long enough and he vacated the position and Koco took over her chair again.

Then came the mild temperatures of March, and both cats were glad to be outdoors again.  I like having them outdoors, but I confess, I liked seeing them finding cozy places to perch or curl up in.  The dog kennel is empty all the time again and I miss seeing TommyCat making it his safe place for a long winter’s nap.

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