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spring art show entries 004

This is one of Enigma’s favorite places to relax.  She woke up while I was trying to get her picture and gave me this inquiring look.  I don’t mind that she sits on the kitchen chair as long as she stays off the table.

spring art show entries 003

This picture was first, the flash and click of the camera woke her up and made her look at me with a questioning look.  This kitty came to my house in the summer, hung out on my mail table on the front porch, walked around the yard with me when I went out to work there, ate the food I put out for her morning and evening, but strongly resisted coming indoors.  She wanted no part of coming into my house.  Indeed, she seemed frightened of being in my house, —-until the weather got cold.  Then she begged pitifully to be allowed to come indoors.  Of course I was compassionate and let her come in, and set up a litter box for her.  I assumed that she would want to be back outdoors again, to stay outdoors, when the weather warmed up, but it hasn’t happened yet.  She still loves to be indoors and enjoys my company.

Maybe it just isn’t warm enough here yet. Why stay outdoors overnight in 30 degree weather, or lower, when there is a wonderful, warm place to sleep indoors?

On the other hand,  TommyCat went outside when it warmed up in late March or a little before that and adamantly refuses to come indoors again.  He still comes to the porch for food and fresh water and allows me to pet him, though.  I thought Enigma would do that, too, but she really begs to come back inside in the evening when the temperature drops.  She is a well behaved cat, though, so it’s not really a hardship for me to allow her to be comfy-cozy when it’s cold outside.

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