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Frank Sabol brings his fruit truck to our community every other week, November through February.  He has the best fruit to offer!  I usually buy apples from him in November and sometimes I get back a second of third time.  Quite often, the weather isn’t very friendly on the days that he brings his fruit to our town.

He’s been parking his truck in the Route 6 Plaza and selling from that site, but recently the grocery store owner there has fussed about it, so that he is now selling from the parking lot of the Alliance Church, immediately west of the plaza.  I felt happy to see the change in location.

Today I braved my icy driveway and went to buy fruit from the fruit truck.  It was raining gently this morning.  The ice in the driveway is thick and has not yet melted.  I went early this morning, and no one else was around and Frank had time to talk to me.  I asked if he likes the new location better than the old.  He said liked the old location just fine, but the new one is okay, too.  He had talked to Pastor Moffett and he was glad to be able to sell from the church parking lot.

We talked for about 20 minutes, there in the parking lot.  He told me that his wife died 20 years ago, in a farm accident, and how at the time he felt so desolate that he didn’t want to live.  He struggled through that feeling for a year or maybe two and then learned that he had throat cancer, and that’s when he realized that he really didn’t want to die.

He started to go to the Alliance Church in Girard, and he loves being with the people there and the fellowship he enjoys with them.  He wasn’t a cook, but he’s begun helping in the kitchen when they prepare meals at the church.  He can follow directions and do what they tell him to do.  He has become their “taster.”  He really loves working with them.

I have been invited to Christmas dinner with Rene’s family in Fairview.  I had been wondering what I could take as a host/hostess gift, and then I realized that a fruit basket would be a good idea.  That’s why I forced myself to brave the icy driveway this morning.  Our roads are clear now but we still have ice in driveways and parking lots.  I had no trouble about driving there, and I was very careful in my driveway and got back indoors safely.  I am feeling happy as I recall our conversation, and being able to buy the fruit basket (instead of staying home), and about getting home safely again.  I’m especially glad for the conversation, for someone like-minded to talk to.  He is 20 some years younger than I, but our emotions following the death of our spouse have been the same.

Being able to have a good conversation with someone gives we a feeling of satisfaction.

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