Thinning the herd

I’ve been collecting elephant figurines for a good many years.  I have more elephants than I put on display now.  I know it is time to start downsizing.  I have started giving some of my elephants away.  I think it is better to give one or two elephants away now and then than to attempt to find a home for the bulk of my collection.  I have begun thinning the herd.

A  parade of little elephants.

A parade of little elephants.

About NJ

I love to write! I realized in 9th grade that I really enjoyed writing. Every two weeks we had assigned topics that we were to use to write an essay. I liked writing the essays.

I’m a mom and a grandma. None of my family live nearby, but they visit when they are able to come.

I’ve been a pastor’s wife and a grade school teacher. Now I’m retired and enjoying visiting others, and indulging myself in my hobbies, –writing and art activities.

I’m very thankful for the blessings in life.

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2 Responses to Thinning the herd

  1. sally says:

    My daughter always used to collect elephants. I don’t know what happened to her collection; perhaps, she gave them to other people. I did have one that a friend of mine made years ago. She gave me several things back then; she made beautiful things and had the kiln in a shed in her backyard. Isn’t it funny how we can relate to others through blogging. 🙂


  2. nj says:

    I love that we can relate to others through blogging, Sally! It’s one of the benefits we have in modern technology. How else would I have met you? Nice comment, you posted.

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