Rusty’s Bed

Rusty has his own bed

When I was disposing of an old couch, I realized that the two cushions from it would make a very good bed for my dogs.  Yes, dogs!  At first I had Rusty and Desy and they each had one cushion and Rusty curled up and fit on the one cushion without too much problem. When he’d be fast asleep, sometimes part of him would hang over the edge of the cushion somewhere, but he seemed to have no problem about it.  Since Desy is gone, I’ve put the two cushions together and draped the old wool blanket over them and he stretches out on it often, instead of being all curled up.  He still drops off the edge in places at times, but for the most part, he fits quite well.

Rusty has been having a lot of enjoyment from being in the snow with me while I clear off the porch and feed the birds and work in the driveway.  He’ll stick his whole head under the snow, and he seems to be able to smell odors more keenly in the snow than from grass or shrubs.

When it’s bedtime, even if he’s been in another room, he comes to his own bed where he spends the night.  Maybe he dreams of running and playing in the snow.

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2 Responses to Rusty’s Bed

  1. lorraine says:

    He looks very comfy in his bed. Our dogs can fit on their beds but they seem to be comfortable laying on the bed with their heads off the bed and on the cool tile.

  2. NJ says:

    You have big dogs, too, Lorraine, –and you live in a warmer climate. Rusty stretches out when he’s warm and relaxed. He can fit on the cushions nicely. This morning he had the blanket off the cushions and the cushions were separated so he must have had an interesting night. I’ll have to make his bed this morning. Interesting.

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