Koco Takes a Little Tumble

Koco checks out the neighborhood.  She is usually sure-footed.

Yesterday, John’s son came for a short visit and while he was here, I asked him to bring my clivia (plant) up from the basement.  It’s starting to get ready to bloom and it needs to be where it can get full daylight.  It’s not heavy but it’s cumbersome and I need to have my hands free to steady myself with the hand rails.

I saw my husband, Marlin, lose his balance coming up the stairs with his hands full.  What a fall he had, but miraculously, he didn’t get hurt.  I know to not take chances with losing my balance on stairs.

Anyway, Tim was willing to get the clivia for me, so he and I started down the basement stairs.  Koco decided she wanted to go also, and she wanted to be first.  She edged past me.  Though I have a railing on either side of the stairs, it’s open at the side.  Koco ran past me, she got too close to the edge, her foot went over the edge and she was stepping into space.  She couldn’t keep her balance and down she went.  Her side hit into a piece of furniture that I have near the stairs, but she got her feet under her an bounced right up again.  Well, she wasn’t holding anything in her hands!  At any rate, she wasn’t hurt, but it startled me to see her fall.  She usually has very good footing.

All’s well that ends well!  I like that ending.

The clivia fully in bloom.  It’s not blooming yet.


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4 Responses to Koco Takes a Little Tumble

  1. What a pretty flower. I often say, I cannot grow anything so I don’t even try. But I can FALL without trying. I am so clumsy. Usually when I fall, I get hurt. It’s not pretty. Koko is so beautiful! My little Rizzo (a 12-pound Chiweenie) is often under my feet too. He’s a noodle. xoxo

  2. NJ says:

    If I know I might fall, I’m very careful and I don’t fall. It’s when I have no idea that something in my path my trip me up that I fall. My big failing is depth perception. How many times I’ve stepped off into air because I didn’t realize there was a step there, –mostly when there is a light wood stair step going to a light wood floor. I fail to see the step down. My family now knows to watch things like that for me.

  3. NJ says:

    And, the clivia really is a beautiful plant. It’s greening up nicely and soon will be sending up a bloom spray. It very slowly matures into this beautiful array of blooms. In the fall it needs a cool, dark place to go dormant. So, now it is waking up!

  4. A few years ago I was walking out the door of my favorite restaurant. It was Mother’s Day and my husband and I, plus three of our four children, had gone to church and then had a wonderful lunch. I was walking beside my daughter Erica because my husband had gone to get the car, when next thing I knew, I was flat on my face on the concrete. A tree that was planted in dirt within a five-foot by five-foot square, had been completely covered in a huge circle of new puffy pine straw. I couldn’t see the edge of the concrete square where it went down into the soft dirt, and my foot hit it right in the middle of my instep, and down I went. It was HORRIBLE. I was just mortified and also skinned and yes I did get some money, haaahaa. I’m more careful now. xoxo

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