Shrove Tuesday

Our church had a pancake supper this evening, for Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday).  Since I’ve been involved with this church, they have been doing this almost every year.  We are served pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, and this year we also had hash brown potatoes.

There is plenty for all and the fellowship is very enjoyable, too.  So many people work together to make this dinner come together just right.

John was able to talk to some people he hasn’t seen for a while.  I sat beside Lois, a former post office employee.  When I asked her if she collected stamps, I was surprised to find out that she isn’t really interested in stamps at all.  She doesn’t collect anything, –oh, except, she said, “Cats!  I collect cats.”  She has 10 cats right now.  They have been dropped off near her and have made their way to her home.  She has named each one of them, and has done them the favor of having them spayed or neutered, so there will be no kittens.  Sometimes they are in the house and sometimes they go outdoors, but they come back.

Her grandson, a carpenter, lives with her now, and when he lies down to relax on the couch, there are four of the cats who come to him and stare at him until he says, “Okay.”  Then they jump up and find places to nestle with him, and he’s fine with that.  Her family likes her cats, too.

Both John and I had a great time at the Pancake Supper this evening.

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