Comfort on the Couch

eggs and stuff 039

This is TommyCat resting on the couch in the living room.  TommyCat isn’t a feral cat but he prefers to live outdoors. I got him into the house during the time the snow was deep and the temperature was below freezing.

But when the weather was milder, he begged to go outside again, so, I gave him his freedom.  Then it got colder again, with more deep snow, and I thought he would want warmth and the comfort of the couch again, but he did not want to come indoors.

It’s hard for me to understand why he would prefer the cold and snow to the warmth and comfort of the couch, which he enjoyed when he was indoors.  I don’t understand, except that I do know the strong pull that freedom has over many of us.

TommyCat loves his freedom, but comes back to the porch, to the food bowl, a couple of times a day.

More power to you, TommyCat.  Just stay safe!

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Words Sometimes Get Tangled

Sports news this morning is about a strange thing that Michael Jordan said yesterday.  Meaning to inspire his audience, he said about the future, “The ceiling is the roof.”  What did he really mean?  We do understand what he was trying to say, but he didn’t really say what he meant.  Did you ever get your words tangled up like that?  We all, at one time or another, say something that comes out all wrong.

I’m remembering one time at the table when my son took a very immodest portion of food and I tried to impress upon him that he should take a smaller portion and then if he wanted more, to take a second helping.  I said, “A gentleman does not take his food all at once.  If he wants more, he has a second helping.  A pig takes all his food at once.”  That was a poor choice of words.  My family laughed and laughed at me.  “Grandma is a pig,” they said.  “She doesn’t take a second helping.  She only has one serving.”  I had to join the laughter.  I hadn’t really said what I had meant.

That incident took place over 30 years ago and to this day my family remembers it.  I suspect that people will remember Michael Jordan’s funny statement for a long time, but probably not for more than 30 years.

“The ceiling is the roof.”  Will it possibly become a famous saying?  It certainly has made for fun conversation.

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First Snowfall of the Winter Season

eggs and stuff 012

We got a LOT of snow in our first snowfall of the winter season.  It snowed, heavy snowfall, three days in a row.  It was well over two feet of snow by the time it let up.  This is my neighbor’s house.  The car has been cleaned off a couple of times because of getting out to get to work.




eggs and stuff 001

I hired help to get my driveway clear.  It was too much for me to do.

eggs and stuff 002

That’s my car out on the street.  The guys moved it to the street so they could get the driveway cleared completely.  They got all the snow off the car for me.

They did a very good job of snow removal.  But it didn’t stay removed.  We had a lot more snow after that.

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Vacation 123

There is something about a queenly cat on a beautiful bed quilt that says cozy to me.  This cat lived with my son and daughter-in-law some years ago.  I liked seeing the cat, whose name escapes me, it may have been Zoe, or perhaps Bambi, on their bed.  The cat didn’t seem comfortable with me looking at her, though.

I think I didn’t help her to feel cozy!

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At the Personal Care Home

new room 035

This is the corridor at the personal care home where my friend is a resident.  Last week a good many of the residents there had flu and I took the warning seriously and did not visit while flu was a threat.  It’s eased now. The residents are well again.  One of the staff members was sick yesterday, but the problem for visitors is past now.

Residents are encouraged to take their walks in this corridor, pictured above.  They are encouraged to stay active.  In this picture, Dave, a resident, is working on a jigsaw puzzle.  A jigsaw puzzle here is an ongoing attraction.

I plan to visit there again this afternoon.

May pysanky 014yard and work 042Buttons 050

Some of my friends in the Personal Care Home.

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I was without Internet connection from some time last evening until almost 10 this morning.  My cleaning lady came to work today and you might know how it is, –a person tidies up before the cleaning lady arrives, so that took time.

It was really a nice day here today.  I got a couple of bills paid and got them into the mail.  I went for some groceries before I went to visit Rene, my friend who is in a personal care home.  I didn’t need much, however, today was a good day to make a grocery run because the roads are bare, it isn’t snowing or raining, and the temperature is around 30 degrees.  We really don’t know how long this will last!!

At the grocery store, I met Dave Young, a resident at the Terrace.  He was getting checked out in the aisle next to where I was in line.  I went to him and told him that if he wanted a ride, I was going to the Terrace and would be glad for him to ride with me.  He did accept the ride.  He pushed the cart to the car and helped me get my few purchases loaded into the car.

He is trying to get everything in order for him to leave the Terrace and get back to his own apartment.  He was buying a hammer so he will have a hammer upstairs and downstairs where he lives and does handyman work.  We had a pleasant conversation, even though it’s a short ride from the Terrace to Walmart, or back again.
I bought Rene six different bags of hard candy.  He still had some but it was getting low.  This time I also got a bag of small Tootsie Rolls, which aren’t really hard candy.  Rene worries about me spending so much money on him like that, but it’s really no big deal, and he has no way to get what he wants unless I do it for him.

Shannon, one of the aides, told me right away that I was entering the building at my peril because there is a lot of flu there right now.  I helped Rene get his new bags of candy to the kitchen where they keep his box that has his stash, and then I only stayed a very few minutes.  I know it’s best to stay away from places where there is flu.  I washed my hands well when I got home, before I unloaded the groceries I bought.

I have a good feeling about today.  It’s good to be out and about and be with people for a while. 

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Snowed in Again

I am snowed in again this morning.  I wouldn’t be snowed in if I were 10 or 15 years younger than I am.  However, I have learned to be careful about going out in weather conditions, snow and ice, which could result in a fall.  A fall could take away my independence, therefore, I stay home when the weather is bad.

In my younger days, this snow would not have stopped me.  Many times I’ve driven to school in snowfall deeper and more daunting than this one is.  Snow removal in our town is done very well and we seldom miss a day of school because of snow.  That’s no different today than it was when I was a teacher in our district.  What is different is me!  I’ve been retired for many years now and I have no pressing need to be out and about when we have heavy snowfall.

I will miss getting to the church service today, but in several weeks the weather will be better again and I will be back in my usual place in the pew.  I hope it’s next Sunday.

snow 014

This picture is not from today.  It is one of my photos from another year.

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Fruit Truck Stop

Frank Sabol brings his fruit truck to our community every other week, November through February.  He has the best fruit to offer!  I usually buy apples from him in November and sometimes I get back a second of third time.  Quite often, the weather isn’t very friendly on the days that he brings his fruit to our town.

He’s been parking his truck in the Route 6 Plaza and selling from that site, but recently the grocery store owner there has fussed about it, so that he is now selling from the parking lot of the Alliance Church, immediately west of the plaza.  I felt happy to see the change in location.

Today I braved my icy driveway and went to buy fruit from the fruit truck.  It was raining gently this morning.  The ice in the driveway is thick and has not yet melted.  I went early this morning, and no one else was around and Frank had time to talk to me.  I asked if he likes the new location better than the old.  He said liked the old location just fine, but the new one is okay, too.  He had talked to Pastor Moffett and he was glad to be able to sell from the church parking lot.

We talked for about 20 minutes, there in the parking lot.  He told me that his wife died 20 years ago, in a farm accident, and how at the time he felt so desolate that he didn’t want to live.  He struggled through that feeling for a year or maybe two and then learned that he had throat cancer, and that’s when he realized that he really didn’t want to die.

He started to go to the Alliance Church in Girard, and he loves being with the people there and the fellowship he enjoys with them.  He wasn’t a cook, but he’s begun helping in the kitchen when they prepare meals at the church.  He can follow directions and do what they tell him to do.  He has become their “taster.”  He really loves working with them.

I have been invited to Christmas dinner with Rene’s family in Fairview.  I had been wondering what I could take as a host/hostess gift, and then I realized that a fruit basket would be a good idea.  That’s why I forced myself to brave the icy driveway this morning.  Our roads are clear now but we still have ice in driveways and parking lots.  I had no trouble about driving there, and I was very careful in my driveway and got back indoors safely.  I am feeling happy as I recall our conversation, and being able to buy the fruit basket (instead of staying home), and about getting home safely again.  I’m especially glad for the conversation, for someone like-minded to talk to.  He is 20 some years younger than I, but our emotions following the death of our spouse have been the same.

Being able to have a good conversation with someone gives we a feeling of satisfaction.

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When I started to paint ladybug stones, I chose small flat stones.  After a while, I painted some larger stones in the ladybug motif.  Here you see three of my paintings having a ladybug conversation.

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More Snow

This seems to be a December to break some records as to how cold and snowy it has been.  I think we’ve received over three feet of snow in the last two weeks, but I’m thankful that it didn’t come down all at once.  We’ve had three significant snowfalls of just over a foot each.  I get the driveway plowed out and the car cleared of snow and within a couple of hours the car is covered with snow again and the driveway is filling up with snow.  Yesterday was the worst of the three storms and school was canceled for the day.  Corry seldom closes school because of snow.  We have had two delays to the start of school, and yesterday started out as a school delay again, but before long the news reached us that school was closed for the day.

This morning I’m remembering a year long ago when we lived at Millertown and the church was holding a week of special meetings.  It may have been in January, or February.  Every day there was more snow.  The visiting evangelist was not used to snow and every morning he expressed his astonishment at the amount of snow we were getting.

I think these last two weeks have been like that.  December seems too early for so much cold and snow.  Will we get a reprieve in January and February this winter season?  That’s a comforting thought to hold on to.

Meanwhile, I am thankful for warm winter clothing,–coats, boots, scarves, a crocheted hat that stays on my head and wind can’t blow it off.  We all need a way to stay warm.

For the sake of all of us in this grip of winter, and that includes humans and animals, I hope the next few days will give at least a bit of a break from the wind, snow and cold.

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