Buttons 083

The Button Club, of which I am a member, went to the home of our Button Lady (member) in Frewsberg, NY.  Her home is filled with buttons!  She has thousands of buttons, beautifully displayed.  Buttons aren’t the only thing she collects. She also has oil paintings of barns in landscapes, which she has collected.  She loves dolls, too, and other things that take her fancy.  But buttons are her passion.  Visiting Mary in her home was like going through a button museum, but with no entry fee, –and cookies and iced tea, or coffee provided!  We had a fabulous time visiting Mary.

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Daily Needs

Once when returning to Corry from Lower Burrell, a trip of roughly 125 miles, I was checking the gas gauge just about every fifteen minutes.  I got to thinking. The car was running just fine, but here I was concerned about it. Why?  Because if I didn’t have enough gas, the car would stop running.

End of August 003Sometimes I’ve tried to run spiritually on one tank of gas.  If I fuel up on Sunday, is that enough for the wear and tear of the week?  How much spiritual mileage can I get from one tankful?  One tankful of gas could last indefinitely if I never used the car. But if I drive it regularly, I have to refuel regularly.

I am always using spiritual energy, even if I stay at home all week.  I have thoughts, emotions, conversation with others, household duties, responsibilities.  I put so much personal mileage on that I really need to be in touch with my source of supply for daily refill. If I let my tank run dry, there would be major breakdown along the way.  I would stop functioning as a Christ loving, Spirit-filled Christian.

Unlike the car which would refuse to move at all, I would go through motions and attempt to keep up the pace.  But the spiritual part of me would stop working. Eventually it would become evident that spiritually, my tank was dry.

Each day can be difficult. Don’t make it harder. Don’t let yourself run dry.  Get the daily refill.


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Cold in June

daffodils and art 021

I knew that it felt cold here this morning but I was surprised to discover that it was 47 degrees outdoors, –when I finally checked the temperature.  It’s been rainy for three days now.  I think our weather is in sympathy with the weather in Florida where it has been stormy with a lot of rain this week.

When I opened the door to the driveway, there was Enigma, looking longingly at me.  When I opened the door to the porch, to get my morning newspaper, there was Enigma, not only looking longingly at the house, but she acted on that longing.  Quickly she slipped past me and into the house and streaked upstairs to her place under the sewing machine.  I didn’t pursue her.  I knew I could easily get her when I thought she’d been indoors long enough.

A little later, there she was sitting on my chair at the table, her paws comfortably tucked underneath her.  I went about getting my breakfast and she was watching me.  I wasn’t talking to her, and she wasn’t talking to me, but suddenly, quietly, there was Koco, the Boxer, standing nose to nose with Enigma.  They were just getting acquainted.  Enigma isn’t afraid of Koco, and Koco isn’t aggressive with Enigma.  I like that they get along with each other so well.

After a short while, Enigma went to the kitchen door and I assumed that she wanted to go outside again.  I opened the door and she went into the entryway, and from there, outside again.  She didn’t feel she needed to stay indoors for long this morning.  I am getting used to have her come indoors for a short visit.  She’ll surely be indoors again this winter when the weather becomes uncomfortably cold for her.

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Invisible at Breakfast

I went to breakfast this morning with eight others.  While we were talking, and eating, I felt my necklace slithering down around my neck and heading to my lap. As it slowly slithered, I said, “Oh, no!  I think I’m losing my necklace.”  No one responded.  They kept on talking to each other.  No one looked at me.  I caught the tail of my slithering necklace, and was thankful that it happened in a place where I noticed it falling and I did not lose it.

This necklace was given to me by a dear neighbor, Florence.  She chose it for me when she was in the Dominican Republic.  It’s a simple, one strand, and closes with a clasp that screws together.  I like it especially because it’s a gift from Florence.

I put the necklace around my neck again and got the clasp together securely, and adjusted it so that the beads were in the front and the clasp was in the back, –and no one noticed that I was doing these things.  I’m often invisible.  I don’t mind.  Often I prefer to be invisible.  Sometimes I count on being invisible.  Being invisible has its benefits.

But when I most need to be invisible, that’s when everyone notices!  Odd, how that works!

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Spring Art Show

spring art show entries 017

The theme of our Spring Art Show was Landscapes of the Mind.  I had five entries.  This picture is of trees I named Treeland.  It is a landscape from my own mind, my imagination.  I just drew various trees as they came to my imagination.  It was fun for me to draw it. It did get some comments from friends at the show, but if I hang it in my home, I probably won’t keep it on my wall for a long time.  I should keep drawing, —just for fun.

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Did You Want Something?

spring art show entries 004

This is one of Enigma’s favorite places to relax.  She woke up while I was trying to get her picture and gave me this inquiring look.  I don’t mind that she sits on the kitchen chair as long as she stays off the table.

spring art show entries 003

This picture was first, the flash and click of the camera woke her up and made her look at me with a questioning look.  This kitty came to my house in the summer, hung out on my mail table on the front porch, walked around the yard with me when I went out to work there, ate the food I put out for her morning and evening, but strongly resisted coming indoors.  She wanted no part of coming into my house.  Indeed, she seemed frightened of being in my house, —-until the weather got cold.  Then she begged pitifully to be allowed to come indoors.  Of course I was compassionate and let her come in, and set up a litter box for her.  I assumed that she would want to be back outdoors again, to stay outdoors, when the weather warmed up, but it hasn’t happened yet.  She still loves to be indoors and enjoys my company.

Maybe it just isn’t warm enough here yet. Why stay outdoors overnight in 30 degree weather, or lower, when there is a wonderful, warm place to sleep indoors?

On the other hand,  TommyCat went outside when it warmed up in late March or a little before that and adamantly refuses to come indoors again.  He still comes to the porch for food and fresh water and allows me to pet him, though.  I thought Enigma would do that, too, but she really begs to come back inside in the evening when the temperature drops.  She is a well behaved cat, though, so it’s not really a hardship for me to allow her to be comfy-cozy when it’s cold outside.

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February Cat

cats and hobbies 011cats and hobbies 013

This is TommyCat.  He adopted me.  He really is an outdoor cat but he was very hungry and I put a bowl of food for him on the porch.  At first he was very wary of me, but little by little, he got used to me and stopped being afraid.  He did not want to come indoors.  I was satisfied with that.  I liked feeding him, and I liked that he took care of himself.

Then came the extreme cold in February.  The other cat that adopted me, Enigma, willingly came indoors out of the cold.  As the temperature dropped, TommyCat start sitting near my door and looking longingly toward the door.  I didn’t want him outside in the bitter cold.  He finally let me bring him indoors.  He settled indoors as though he loved it and seemed to feel very much at home here.

At first he hid behind the big chair by the window, but he got over that and often went inside the dog’s kennel to rest and relax.  Koco almost never goes into her kennel any more, –only when she knows that she has been bad, –like when she was eating the cats’ food and I scolded her.  She went into her kennel, her place of safety but she never minded when TommyCat went into her kennel to sleep.

TommyCat also liked to perch on the back of the big chair by the window, Koco’s chair.  One day when he was sitting up there, Koco wanted to sit in her chair, but there was TommyCat on the back of the chair.  Koco came to me and asked me to make the cat give her the chair, but I just laughed and told her she could still sit in her chair. She never sits up on the back of the chair and TommyCat wasn’t going to hinder her from sitting there.  But Koco waited and after a while, TommyCat was satisfied that he’d sat on the chair long enough and he vacated the position and Koco took over her chair again.

Then came the mild temperatures of March, and both cats were glad to be outdoors again.  I like having them outdoors, but I confess, I liked seeing them finding cozy places to perch or curl up in.  The dog kennel is empty all the time again and I miss seeing TommyCat making it his safe place for a long winter’s nap.

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Benefits of Being Outdoors

I’ve been in and out of the house a lot today.  I’m still recovering from yet another respiratory infection but I could get outdoors and do a tiny bit of yard work for ten minutes or so. On my last time outside, two young girls were walking their Sheltie past my house, and Koco was barking at them from the living room.  I commented to them that Koco just had to bark at their dog, and they responded pleasantly and we talked for a few minutes.  The dog’s name is Chevon, and is named for the best friend of one of the girls.  I said I hoped that was a compliment, because when our family had lived in farm country, one family named their newborn calf Nancy, for me.

The girls said that they live in the country and bring the dog into town for walks because it’s easier for her.  She’s nine years old now.  When they described the farm where they live, I realized it’s the Curtis Farm.  I know the family.  I used to buy milk there until they stopped selling milk.  I didn’t think to tell them that my husband officiated at their great grandfather’s funeral service.  The girls and I had not met before, and my last name is unfamiliar to them but when they tell their grandmother about meeting me, she will know who I am.

That’s a benefit from me being outside when they walked past.  It was a very pleasant interlude for me.

And now it’s an hour past lunch time, —but that’s my fault.  I wasn’t outside that long.

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Getting Better!

I’m still under doctor’s care but I’m significantly better and I’m enjoying life again.  Doesn’t it feel good to feel good!!

Today is a beautiful day, with a mild temperature, and beautiful sunshine.  Much of our snow is melted, and that’s a real blessing.

I’m getting back to my hobby, painting rocks.  The rock I’m painting right now is a little bigger than my two hands put together (as fists).  It has many nooks and crannies, not a smooth surface, and it presents a real challenge.  So far, it’s mostly under painted and under painting isn’t very attractive.  However, I have reason to believe that I can build it up to become a lovely flower mound.  I’ve done what I call flower mounds before, but they have all been smooth sided.

Excelsior, flowers, stones 031

This is one of my favorite flower mound stones.

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Good to be Back

I’m feeling like I’m myself again after having been ill since around Christmas.  Yesterday my son took me shopping to stock up on groceries, my first time in a store since my illness.  Today he left for home.  One of my sons has been caring for me since I became sick.  I am grateful for their care.  I feel ready to take care of myself again.  It’s a good feeling, but I miss having some family with me.

Today I hope to get out and buy the 2016 dog license for Koco.  The city building is only two blocks away and I should be able to do this task this morning and I will be able to rest as needed this afternoon.

It feels good to feel good!

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